Newkirk Mansion

Longwood Bridge

Longwood Bridge

Connersville City Hall

Elmhurst Mansion

Roberts Park Family Aquatic Center

Roberts Park Pavilion

Welcome to Connersville, IN

The City of Connersville, Est 1813 is among the oldest cities in Indiana, a center of manufacturing, agriculture, retail, and health care. Its location along the Whitewater River has made camping, fishing, and kayaking some of the favored pastimes of the region. The Whitewater Valley Railroad continues to provide an outside link and a connection between it and Metamora, Indiana. Its residents have always felt a strong sense of community and are strong supporters of the High School sports teams, known as the Spartans. It also boasts an Amtrak rail station which runs services three times a week to locations such as Chicago, Cincinnati, and even as far as New York City.

For Visitors Tour Connersville

Walk across a covered bridge, grab a tenderloin at a 50s-style diner, or camp out and stargaze away from the city lights.

You’ll see new sights and make new friends here!

For Businesses Visit Connersville EDG

Our proximity to population centers and markets, easy access to interstate highways, railroads and airports make Connersville an excellent place from which to operate a business.