City Council Approves Strategic Investment Plan & Project Submission for HELP Grant Funding

The Connersville City Council has approved the submission of the Strategic Investment Plan to OCRA which identifies the intended projects to be utilized with the HELP grant funding. The city was awarded the Hoosier Enduring Legacy Program matching funds in 2022. In January of this year, the city started the program implementation with the hiring of the new Community Coordinator position to facilitate this grant process. With community engagement and insight, the city has chosen three project sites within our city park department to be redeveloped and updated with this funding. The Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) is a detailed portfolio of each project and the benefit each one will have on our community. The next step is to submit this approved Strategic Investment Plan to OCRA for final approval. The City is excited about the potential for these projects and the overall benefit to the quality of life for our residents!

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