Fayette County Recorder’s Office

The County Recorder was one of the first offices created by the Constitution of the State of Indiana in 1816. The Recorder is elected to a 4-year term, with a 2-term limitation. It is the primary duty of the Recorder to record instruments submitted for recording and maintaining those records for perpetuity.

Recording of Deeds

The Recorder’s Office is responsible for recording the deed but you must first have it reviewed by the Assessor’s office and then transferred by the Auditor’s Office before you proceed to have it recorded in the Recorder’s Office. Please be aware there are fees collected in the Auditor’s Office and the Recorder’s Office. The Auditor’s Office only accepts cash or checks. The Recorder’s Office accepts cash, checks, or money orders at this time.


The Fayette County Recorder’s Office offers a number of services that enables customers to more quickly record and receive their documents.


We now offer CSC, ePN, Indecomm and Simplifile.

For a nominal fee, customers can submit, track and receive your documents electronically. eRecording is a service that is available to title companies, law firms, banks and other businesses that record land documents on a regular basis.

Some of the benefits of eRecording:

  • Faster Turnaround: Hours vs days to get your documents back
  • Your e-documents beats one submitted via the mail, not to mention the cost savings for postage. Overnight shipping and delayed proceedings.
  • Fewer rejections and faster corrections. eRecording eliminates rejections for incorrect fees.

Contact one of the following companies to compare options, and begin eRecording today.

CSC® eRecording

  • CSC provides a web-based eRecording solution that enables submitters to electronically record real estate documents.
  • Phone: 866-652-0111
  • Email:
  • Website:

eRecording Partners Network (ePN)



All document types including those transfer documents that circulate between Recorder, Auditor and Assessor’s Office.

Excludes plats and surveys.

Doxpop Property Watch

Doxpop Property Watch is a free service for residents of Fayette County. Upon accessing the site, it will guide the user straight through a few simple steps to get set up. It will collect information regarding the name and legal description of the property, and send the user an email when a filing is made in the Recorder’s Office that matches that data. If you own multiple properties in the county, you can register each one.

Please be aware this service will not prevent a fraudulent transfer of real estate. It’s merely notifies a person when a document has been recorded in our office meeting the specified criteria. It’s up to the owner to obtain legal council if it is not something they have initiated. In addition. Property Watch will only work for land records that are available in our application.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the Recorder’s Office at 765-825-3051

Recorder Fee Schedule

Indiana Recorder’s Fee Schedule
Effective July 1st, 2017

NOTE: Standard page size not to exceed 8-1/2 x 14 Documents must not be larger than 8-1/2 x 14, be in 10pt type on white paper of at least 20 lb. weight (no permanently bound  or continuous forms), and have margins of at least 2” on top and bottom of the first and last pages with 1/2 “margins on interior pages.


Including subordinate Mortgages, re-recorded mortgages, corrective mortgages, indentures and supplemental indentures

Deeds and All Other Instruments

Including re-recorded instruments and surveys

Additional pages exceeding 8 ½” x 14” within any document shall be charged: $5.00

Mechanic’s Lien

Including one mail out$25.00
Each additional mail out$2.00
Copies 11"x17" or smaller (per page)$1.00
Copies larger than 11"x17" (per page)$5.00
Certification of Document$5.00

Uniform Commercial Code

2 pages or less$6.00
3 pages or more$10.00

UCC Continuation, Amendments or Assignments

2 pages or less$6.00
3 pages or more$10.00
UCC-11 Information Request, per debtor names$7.00
Each additional name$5.00

Each CROSS REFERENCE shall be clearly identified on the first page of any document to be recorded.

Please Note: Only FIXTURES are recorded locally. Click: Revised Article Nine

All instruments must meet the recording form and legibility statues.

All fees shown include county identification fee.

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