On-Site Sewage Disposal

Make recommendations and inspections on all new and repaired septic systems. Work with private contractors and soil scientists to make sure system is installed to meet all local and state codes. Records and drawings are on file for all septic systems install.

Complaint Investigations

Follow up on all complaints from general nuisance to serious health hazards. Work with parties involved to correct any problems found.

Ground Water Protection

This consists of tasks varying from dye tests on possible failing septic systems to inspections of confined feeding operations which could possibly contaminate water. Also includes making sure all new and repaired septic systems will not contaminate ground water.

Vector Control

Work to control populations of pests including mosquitos and rodents.

Housing Standards

Work to have renovated sub-standard housing to ensure a safe environment for residents.

Air Pollution

Work with homeowners and businesses to control indoor air pollution, including gasses such as radon and materials such as asbestos.

Swimming Pool Inspections

Advise public and semi-public swimming pool operators to make sure pools are properly maintained to prevent the spread of diseases.

Dog Bite Investigations

Follow up on dogs involved to make sure they have been vaccinated against rabies and did not transmit that disease to bite victims. If no records are available, the animal is taken to the state for examination.

Application Forms and Processes

The following forms and processes are available to download as .pdf files.

Septic Systems and Sewage


Tattoo & Body Piercing

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