Veteran's Office


Please e-mail or call for an appointment. Walk ins are welcome but we don’t want you to have to sit for a long time while another veteran is talking to the VSO.

To All Seeking Assistance from the Veterans Service Officer:

Please be advised that the Veteran’s Service Officer (VSO) is an employee of Fayette County. Her office hours, pay, and all job related requirements are through the county. The Veteran’s Service Officer does not work for the VA.

The Veteran’s Service Officer is a part time employee because that is the job designation/funding prescribed by Fayette County. The VSO does receive applicants in the office, but her job entails more than just office work. She visits veterans in the nursing home/hospital, jail, and helps to arrange transportation to and from necessary appointments. Your VSO is also required to receive mandatory training each year, which goes toward the necessary accreditation. As a VSO, all of this takes time. As described above, the VSO is not always in the office. That does not mean that she is not serving the veterans of Fayette County. The VSO is limited to 24 hours a week, with all the duties described above. To better assist you, and the use of the VSO’s time an efficient manner, please call for an appointment.

The VSO is the only employee of this office. No other person works for the County Veteran’s Service Office. Emergencies do arise with a veteran occasionally that can cause the VSO to be out of the office during office hours. Please be patient and know that the VSO is taking care of a fellow veteran. There are thousands of veterans in Fayette County and the VSO is doing her best to take care of those that seek assistance. If the VSO is meeting with a veteran, she will not answer phone calls during that time. Please leave a voicemail and the VSO will return your call. Thank you!

Thank you,

Cam Sparks
Fayette County Veteran’s Service Officer